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How can I make pancakes without eggs

A basic pancake is one of the simplest recipes to make. Three store cupboard ingredients come together to form a batter that is cooked in a shallow pan to create thin, lacy pancakes.

Gram flour

Made from chickpeas, gram flour is often used in cooking. It has a strong, slightly sour, earthy flavour, which means that it is best used to make savoury pancakes. Chickpea flour is very absorbent, resulting in a light, crisp pancake, best eaten straight away.

Tapioca flour

Tapioca flour is made from cassava (a tropical plant) starch. It can become stringy when mixed with water, and is usually mixed with other flours, such as rice flour when used in baking. Its neutral flavour lends itself well to pancakes.

Buck wheat flour

Buck wheat flour is made from buck wheat groats and while it doesn’t contain, it does contain a small amount of mucilage (a thick, viscous substance such as the gloop you get when porridge oats are mixed with water) which helps the batter bind together. The makes buck wheat pancakes very tender but many recipes also add a little containing flour or another agent. Buckwheat flour gives pancakes a nutty flavour that works well with savoury fillings.


Rice flour

Rice flour is often the main component flour mixes. It is usually made from brown rice and has a low moisture content which can cause a dry crumbly result. It is often mixed with starchier flours such as tapioca, and supplemented with an emulsifier.

Ground chia or flax seeds

Both chia and flax seeds are particularly mucilaginous, thanks to a gum in their coating. As a rough guide mix one tablespoon of seed powder with three tablespoons of water and leave for five minutes to thicken up into a gel that will mimic the binding effect of one egg.

Pureed fruit and vegetables

Pureed fruit and vegetables can also be used to bind a pancake batter together. Try adding half an overripe banana mashed two tablespoons of apple sauce or the same of mashed butternut squash for each egg in the recipe. Be careful to choose a fruit or vegetable that suits the pancakes you're making.

Baking powder

If leavening is what you are after which would be the case with American-style pancakes you can use baking powder in place of an egg. For fluffy pancakes add one teaspoon of baking powder for each egg in the recipe. You could also try adding a little cider vinegar to the mix for an even lighter result. If you are avoiding do make sure that you use a baking powder.

Cornflour or tapioca starch

Both cornflour and tapioca starch are traditionally used to the thicken sauces and gravies. Try mixing one tablespoon of starch with the three tablespoons of water and add to your pancake batter to help it bind together.