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It is anything gold. Whether it’s a brassy warm cold, or a cooler spray-painted gold I love it all. But until now I’d never experimented with gold leaf. I’d read about how hard it was to work with and how many craft fails had come from using the finicky thin foil sheets. So up until this point I’d completely ignored its possibilities. And then I saw these gorgeous unfinished concrete planters and immediately. I thought of using gold leaf! There are some different gold dipped cement diy are shown as below.


  • Darice Geometric Concrete Planters
  • Composition Gold Leaf Foil Sheets
  • Gold Leaf Adhesive (Sometimes called gold leaf size)
  • Green Painter’s Tape
  • Darice Foam Brush
  • Soft Paint Brush
  • Dirt and Succulents (Or whatever fancy little plant you decide to use.)

I opted to go with succulents for this DIY pot project simply because I think they’re adorable and also because they need slightly less care than most house plants. They’re sensitive to being over watered which means that a bit of is a-okay by them.

In order to get the clean line of a dipped look, I wrapped the planters in green tape, being sure to press down on the edges. This would help to avoid any kind of drip or wavy line.

Then I painted a thin layer of size adhesive on the bottom half of the planters. Once the adhesive had become slightly tacky it was time to apply the gold leaf.

I found the gold leaf fairly easy to work with. What a happy surprise! The leaf comes in a booklet with layers of thin tracing paper in between each piece of foil. Rather than try to peel the foil from the paper, I removed the foil from the booklet with the tracing paper still attached. Then, I applied the foil to the planter with the paper as a backing and started smoothing the surface out.

By keeping the tracing paper on as long as possible, it kept the foil intact for as long as possible. It also prevented and tears from my fingers.

I was careful to overlap each foil layer so that I had complete coverage around the planters. I gently rubbed away any air bubbles or wrinkles.

Once I was sure that the foil had adhered, I slowly removed the painter’s tape from each planter.

Then I went over the foil with a soft brush to remove any extra leaf. I loved the shine that the leaf added to the planters. This look is extremely difficult to recreate with paint. It’s a true metallic gold that only leaf can provide!

I planted the happy little succulents in each DIY pot decoration. Just seeing the trio of glitzy and angular planters is making me pine for spring.

I know I’m not alone. Start with these low-key succulents and these anything-but-low-key planters. Or if you know you’ll add some faux succulents to your order and take chance right out of the equation.